Энергоаудит в бизнес-центре 101 Tower

Энергоаудит в бизнес-центре 101 Tower

08 июня 2016
Энергоаудит бизнес-центра

In 2015, DTEK ESCO specialists as part of the DTEK Energy Efficiency Project Group performed an energy audit of three floors in the 101 Tower Business Center, where the company’s offices are located. Thermal imaging was performed during the survey. ENSI® EAB Software was used to calculate energy savings.

The systems of heating and electricity, cold water supply were surveyed and the potential for saving was determined:

  • 10.7% – total potential savings.
  • 33% of thermal energy and cold.
  • 35% of cold water.
  • 4.5% of electricity.

Among the priority and low-cost energy efficiency activities with a payback period of up to 1 year were the following:

  • Automation of the electric lighting system.
  • Control of fan coil units operation and temperature.
  • Installation of separate metering stations for heat and electricity.
  • Water drainage setting.
  • Organizational measures: training of employees, explanatory meetings, identification of persons responsible for energy consumption in premises.

In 2015–2016, as part of the Green Office project, a set of activities was carried out on the surveyed and other floors of the building taking into account the recommendations of energy auditors, and the following savings were obtained:

  • 20% – heat savings.
  • 6% – cold savings.
  • 13% – energy savings.
  • 10% – water savings, including due to additional installation of aerators.

In 2017, the Philips smart lighting system was installed in the premises of the building rented by DTEK ESCO: LED lamps, light and motion sensors, automatic dimmers. The system provided 80% energy savings compared to fluorescent lamps or 95% compared to incandescent lamps.

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